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Organized in February 1996, the Flutations was originally established to provide exceptionally talented junior and senior high school flute students an opportunity to expand their music education, repertoire and public performance abilities. After several months, the group went professional, included adult flutists, and, to provide depth and pizzazz added bass (trombone/euphonium) and percussion. 23 July 1996 was the first public appearance of the professional entity. All musicians are members of the American Federation of Musicians.
The group performs virtually every genre of music from Medieval and Renaissance to Baroque and Classical to Ragtime, Swing, Big Band and light jazz. The repertoire includes a vast array of Celtic, Jewish and German music as well as most other ethnic cultures.
Performance venues have diversified to include private functions, weddings and receptions as well as nursing homes, retirement communities and rehabilitation centers. In addition, given its origins and the desire to expand students’ knowledge of music, the Flutations regularly provides in-school music programs, with audience participation. This is very popular in December and March as students prepare for their school concerts.
While the original student founders have graduated and progressed into lucrative careers in their fields, the organization continues to provide exceptional quality music, pleasing to every ear. Musical programs include something for everyone and have grown from the original three performances to over fourty performances annually.
With growing demand, the Flutations made four recordings. The first consisted of classical favorites, followed by a winter/holiday recording, an all-American tribute and finally, a collection of light jazz selections. The group is currently working on its fifth recording. Happy listening…

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